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Okeechobee County Ag-Venture

Ag-Venture is a free, one day program which provides a great opportunity for Okeechobee fourth graders (public, private and home educated) to gain experience, understanding and the appreciation of our local agricultural industry. At Ag-Venture, students learn about soils, alligators, beef, bees, citrus, dairy, poultry, and vegetables.

Soils: Students will first enter into a soil tunnel to see what is ALIVE in our soil. Then view a display of soil erosion and how our farmers and ranchers take care of the soil, before students head down their trails.

Alligators: Students will learn about alligators in the wild and how they are farmed commercially. Students will get up close and personal with a hatchling, and sample fried gator tail.

Beef: Students learn about the many by-products of a beef cow and the economic impact of this industry to our county. They play Beef-O-Bingo and meet real ranchers.

Bees: Students learn about the importance of bees in agriculture. They are shown a “live hive” and the equipment used to harvest honey. Students get to find the Queen Bee, taste honey and make beeswax candles.

Citrus: Students are shown many different types of citrus and squeeze their own orange juice to enjoy! They also learn about the industry’s significance in Florida, citrus production and its by-products.

Dairy: Students get up close and personal with dairy calves, see the types of feed they eat, learn about dairy products and how the milk gets from the cow to the consumer. Students will also make and enjoy their own butter.

Poultry: Students learn about the poultry industry, egg production, and the use of eggs. They learn the recipe to a perfect omelet and taste it.

Vegetables: Students learn how vegetables get from the farm to the grocery store. They learn about the different parts of the plant that are edible and view a variety of seeds, plants and vegetables. Students will make a “Garden in a Glove” to take home.

4th grade teachers will receive curriculum and pre/post tests that relate to each station that meet certain education bench-marks. Interactive displays, tractors, animal feeds, and farm animals will be on display for the students, as well.