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Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program ,Sep 1, 2017

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Pictured is a recycle bin constructed of PVC pipe with a sign that says, “Keep our waterways tangle-free; recycle your fishing line responsibly.”

Every day, improperly discarded monofilament fishing line causes devastating problems for marine life and the environment.

The Okeechobee Soil and Water Conservation District partnered with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission in 2008 to implement the MRRP in Okeechobee County.  Since then, 10 outdoor bins have been installed at local boat ramps and Jaycee Park Pier.  With the help of Earth Team Volunteers and employees, the line is collected about once a month.  When enough finishing line is collected, it is sent off to Berkley Pure Fishing to be recycled into tackle boxes, toys, etc.  Although the popular braided line cannot be recycled, Okeechobee SWCD still encourages the placement of it in the bins.  The braided line is separated at our office and disposed of after it is cut into smaller pieces.

We are always looking for volunteers to collect line or perform maintenance on the outdoor bins.  Stop by Okeechobee SWCD located in the USDA Service Center at 452 Hwy 98 N or call 863-763-3619 ext. 3 to report damaged or missing bins.

Map of Bin Locations