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Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program

Monofilament recycling bins are receptacles for unwanted fishing line. They are typically constructed of PVC and are located at popular fishing areas. The bins  are an efficient and economical way to gather used fishing line, cast nets, weed-eater line, and line spools to recycle them. These used items are sent to Berkley Conservation Institute and melted down to make tackle boxes, fish attractors, line spools and toys.​ Inappropriately discarded monofilament often accumulates in popular fishing areas and may tangle around boat propellers and aquatic life, while taking over 500 years to decompose. This poses threats to fishermen, the fish they catch and important fish habitat and breeding grounds. Abandoned line can “ghost fish” by continuing to catch aquatic species (e.g., fish, turtles and birds) in makeshift nets for many years.​ Currently, there are 10 outdoor bins and 2 indoor bins located throughout Okeechobee County.​
Volunteers periodically check and empty these bins. If you would like to see your favorite fishing spot equipped with one of these bins or you would like to volunteer to check and empty these bins, please call 863-763-3619. ​ For frequently asked questions please visit:

Map of Bin Locations 

Pictured below is an example of a monofilament recycling bin.

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