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FY23 December Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 14, 2022      1:00pm         200 NW 5th Street Conference Room

Call to Order

Mariano Corona- Chairman-Present
Nicki Smith-Supervisor-Present
Donald Sellers, Jr.- Supervisor-Present
Douglas Burnham- Supervisor-Present
Glynn Rutledge- Treasurer-Absent

I. Motion to approve October 12, 2022 minutes (Burnham/Sellers). Motion passed.

II. Motion to file Financial Report for audit (Sellers/Burnham). Motion passed.

III. Staff Program Reports
1. Jenny Hoover, County Executive Director gave an update on Farm Service Agency disaster assistance programs, specifically the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP).
2. Howard Harrison, District Conservationist gave an update on the Emergency Environmental Quality Incentives Program and traditional Farm Bill programs. Mr. Harrison asked the Board for support of having vendor space at the upcoming Cattlemen’s Allied Trade Show. Motion to approve the $150 vendor table fee for the Okeechobee USDA Service Center booth (Sellers/Burnham). Motion passed. Audrey Kuipers and Jenny Hoover will be available to man the booth.
3. Sheila Kitaif, Environmental Manager gave a report on Emergency Rule 5MER-8 Hurricane Ian Replacement Fertilizer Applications. Focus has shifted from Implementation Visits to NOI Enrollments resulting from the 2020 and 2021 mail out efforts.
4. Robbi Sumner, Program Specialist and Audrey Kuipers, District Administrator gave the OSWCD program and staff report. Ms. Kuipers requested a spot award for Ms. Sumner’s efforts with taking on additional NRCS Hurricane Ian work. Motion to approve a spot award to Robbi Sumner (Sellers/Burnham). Motion passed. Motion to approve a spot award to Audrey Kuipers for her work on the 2022 Legislative Session (Sellers/Burnham). Motion passed.

IV. Unfinished Business
1. Ms. Kuipers gave an update on the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Gov’t Accountability Contract for Consulting Services on the Mosquito Districts.

V. New Business
1. Motion to approve the Clear Title Lease Agreement at three years and eight months and keep the rental rate the same (Burnham/Sellers). Motion passed.
2. a. Motion to approve Yearling Middle School’s Educator Grant request at the requested amount of $12,000.00 (Smith/Sellers). Motion passed. b. Motion to approve Osceola Middle School’s Educator Grant request at the requested amount of $12,000.00 (Smith/Sellers). Motion passed. c. Motion to approve the Okeechobee Historical Society’s request at $250 (Sellers/Smith). Motion passed.

VI. Upcoming Events
1. January Board Meeting | January 11
2. Ag-Venture | January 11-12
3. February Board Meeting | Canceled due to AFCD Meeting
4. AFCD Annual Meeting | Gainesville | February 6-8 5. NACD Annual Meeting | New Orleans, LA | Feb 11-15