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FY19 October Meeting Minutes

Date and Time of Meeting: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 8:00 AM
Location of Meeting: 200 NW 5th Street, Okeechobee, FL 34972

I. Supervisor Rutledge called the October 10, 2018 meeting to order at 8:00 am
II. Roll Call and establish quorum

☒ Glynn Rutledge, Secretary-Treasurer
☒ Douglas Burnham, Supervisor
☒ Nicki Smith, Supervisor

III. Motion to approve September 12, 2018 Board Minutes (Smith/Burnham). Unanimous.

IV. Motion to approve the Financial Report as presented (Smith/Burnham). Unanimous.

V. Staff Reports
1. OSWCD- Ms. Audrey Kuipers gave updates on all Board programs and functions.

2. NRCS- Howard Harrison gave a verbal report.

3. FDACS- no report

VI. Unfinished Business
1. Jackie Allen, Small Farms Nutrient Management Program application no. 18-1 was present to address the Board on their decision regarding the funding amount of her application. Motion to postpone decision on funding until after the applicant applies for USDA-NRCS EQIP under the Strikeforce initiative (Burnham/Smith). Unanimous.

2. Motion to approve United Health Care Choice Plus Plan and Colonial Life Dental with Vision Rider (Burnham/Smith). Unanimous.

VII. New Business
1. Motion to tentatively approve the FY 19 Budget presented so staff can proceed with expenitures (Burnham/Smith). Unanimous.
2. Motion to approve audit engagement letter from Wicks, Brown & Williams for $11,775.00 (Smith/Burnham).
3. Ms. Kuipers was approached by two possible tenants requesting a limited amount of office space (E. Batton Consulting and Okeechobee Youth Livestock Show Committee). The Board was in favor of entertaining some options. Action item: Ms. Kuipers was instructed to find out more details for the next Board meeting.

VIII. Upcoming Events
1. Farm City Day Luncheon- November 15 11:30 at KOA.
2. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) Website Compliance training, AFCD Training Room October 30, 2018- Ms. Murphy and Kuipers will attend.
3. Okeechobee AgVenture- December 12 & 13, 2018
4. NACD Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX February 2-6, 2019
IX. Adjournment- 9:30am