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FY 22 June Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 1:00pm 200 NW 5th Street Conference Room, Okeechobee, FL  34972

Call to Order at 1:00pm
Mariano Corona- Chairman- Present
Nicki Smith-Supervisor-Absent
Donald Sellers, Jr.- Supervisor- Present
Douglas Burnham-Supervisor- Present
Glynn Rutledge- Treasurer- Present

I. Motion to approve May 11, 2022 Minutes (Rutledge/Sellers). Motion passed.

II. Motion to approve Financial Report as presented (Burnham/Sellers). Motion passed.

III. Staff Program Reports
1. NRCS- Howard Harrison gave the NRCS Report.
2. OSWCD- Robbi Sumner and Audrey Kuipers gave OSWCD program report. Supervisor Corona
will attend the July 13 BOCC Budget Workshop. Supervisor Sellers will attend the June 22
AFCD Area Meeting in Wauchula. No monthly Board meeting in July. No attendees-NACD.
3. FDACS- Sheila Kitaif gave the FDACS update and went over the UF IFAS Soil Testing Form that
is to be used with any Water’s Lab testing.
4. FSA- no report.

IV. Unfinished Business
1. SB1078 Update- Bill has made it to the Governor’s desk. Audrey Kuipers asked Supervisors
that could wait until June 15 to submit elections papers to see if the Bill is signed or vetoed,
so they would know which Seat to qualify.

V. New Business
1. FY 21 Annual Report was handed out to Supervisors.
2. Motion to approve an increase of $10,151.65 to Budget Line Item 537184 Educator Grants to
complete the Agri-Civic Center Trail Fence (Sellers/Burnham). Motion passed.

VI. Upcoming Events
1. H2O Camp |June 6, 20 & July 11 | Water Cycle and Wetlands Demonstrations
2. Science Camp |June 23 | Water Cycle and Monofilament Recycle- Manatees
3. Area 5 AFCD Meeting |June 22 |Wauchula |9am
4. AFCD Quarterly |July 1 |Gainesville |10am
5. NACD SE Region |July 16-19 |San Juan P.R.