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FY 22 Jan Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 11, 2022 1:00pm 200 NW 5th Street Conference Room, Okeechobee, FL 34972

Call to Order
Mariano Corona- Chairman- Present (phone)
Nicki Smith- Supervisor- Present
Donald Sellers, Jr.- Supervisor- Present
Douglas Burnham- Supervisor- Absent
Glynn Rutledge- Treasurer – Present

I. Motion to approve December 10, 2021 minutes (Smith/Sellers). Motion passed.

II. Motion to approve Financial Report (Sellers/Smith). Motion passed.

III. Staff Program Reports
1. NRCS was given by Howard Harrison
2. OSWCD was given by Robbi Sumner and Audrey Kuipers
3. FDACS was given by Sheila Kitaif
4. FSA – no report

IV. Unfinished Business
1. Senate Bill 1078 and House Bill 783- we continue to track. Letters stating OSWCD
Board opposition, signed by M. Corona were mailed before Christmas. Emails were
also sent and Robbi spoke with an aide in Rep. Tuck’s office.
2. Senate Bills 1000 and 904- also tracking
3. D Sellers and A Kuipers to try to meet with watermelon producer next week to
discuss irrigation management assistance.

V. New Business
1. Form 1/Florida Statute 112 requires elected officials to have government email.
Motion to move forward with iCloud solution (Sellers/Smith). Motion carried. Action
item: A. Kuipers to move forward with establishing new Supervisor email accounts.
2. McFarland Realty now renting 2 additional offices for $287/month rent increase as
of January 1st.
3. Ag Venture report. Board would like OSWCD to become a station.

VI. Upcoming Events
1. Florida Legislative Session January 11-March 11, 2022
2. NACD Annual Meeting | February 12-16, 2022 | Orlando