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FY 21 March Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

Mariano Corona- Chairman-Absent
Nicki Smith- Supervisor – Present
Donald Sellers, Jr.- Supervisor – Present
Douglas Burnham- Supervisor – Present
Glynn Rutledge- Treasurer- Absent

I.Motion to approve February 10, 2021 Minutes (Smith/Sellers). Motion passed.

II.Motion to approve Financial Report as presented (Sellers/Smith). Motion passed.

III.Staff Reports
1. Audrey Kuipers and Courtney Murphy gave the OSWCD Program Report.
2. Ismael Reyes and Howard Harrison gave the NRCS Program Report.
3. Nicole Jahrmarkt gave and FDACS progress report.
4. Audrey Kuipers gave updates from Jenny Hoover on FSA Programs.

IV.Unfinished Business-NONE

V.New Business
1. Motion to approve adding positions to our existing FDACS Technician Contract (Smith/Sellers). Motion passed.
2. Motion to approve the FY 20 Financial Audit presented by Cheryl Williams- Wicks, Brown, Williams & Co. CPA’s LLC (Sellers/Smith). Motion passed.

VI.Upcoming Events
1.Mini Ag-Venture | Seminole, Everglades, Central |March 11, April 16, April20
2.Board of Supervisors Meeting | April 14, 2021 | 1pm
3.Local Working Group Meeting | April 14, 2021 | 1pm
4.AFCD Area V Meeting | May 6, 2021 | Time/Place-TBD