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FY 21 June Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 1:00pm 200 NW 5th Street Conference Room, Okeechobee, FL  34972

Call to Order at 1:02pm
Mariano Corona- Chairman-absent
Nicki Smith- Supervisor- absent
Donald Sellers, Jr.- Supervisor-present
Douglas Burnham- Supervisor- present
Glynn Rutledge- Treasurer -present

I. Motion to approve May 12, 2021 Minutes (Sellers/Burnham). Motion passed.

II. Motion to approve Financial Report as presented (Sellers/Burnham). Motion passed.

III. Staff Program Reports
1. Howard Harrison gave the NRCS program and Field Office update.
2. Audrey Kuipers gave the OSWCD program update.
3. Audrey Kuipers reported that there are currently 564 parcels not enrolled in FDACS BMP
program (454 are unique parcels).
4. Audrey Kuipers reported the CFAP2 modified and new applications are still being accepted.

IV. Unfinished Business-NONE

V. New Business
1. Lauren Butler, UF/IFAS Extension Okeechobee requested grant funding in order to
provide an incentive to producers to complete tissue and soil sampling. Motion to
approve grant for $750 on an annual request basis to UF/IFAS Extension Programs,
provided IFAS submits a report of program success at time of renewal request (Burnham/
Sellers). Motion passed.
2. Motion to approve Program Specialist Position and begin advertising (Burnham/Sellers).
Motion passed.

VI. Upcoming Events
1. Board of Supervisors Meeting | July 14 | 1pm
2. OCSB Summer Camp | June 23 |Soils Lesson | 60 Students
3. OCSB Summer Camp | July 12 | Soils Lesson | 65 Students
4. AFCD Annual Meeting | September 9-10, 2021 | Daytona Beach