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FY 20 April Meeting Minutes

CALL TO ORDER at 1:17pm
Nicki Smith, Supervisor
Don Sellers, Supervisor
Glynn Rutledge, Secretary/Treasurer

I.Motion to approve of March 11, 2020 Board Minutes (Smith/Sellers). Unanimous.
II. Motion to approve the Financial Report (Smith/Sellers). Unanimous.

III. Staff Reports
1. Courtney Murphy and Audrey Kuipers gave the OSWCD Program Report.
2. Howard Harrison gave the NRCS Program Report.
3. Audrey Kuipers gave the FDACS Program Report

IV.Unfinished Business-none

V.New Business
1. Letter from Wicks, Brown, Williams & Co regarding the FY 19 Audit Presentation was reviewed. Motion to approve the FY 19 Financial Audit (Sellers/Smith).Unanimous.

VI. Upcoming Events
1.May 11-12 | FDACS Partnership Meeting |TBA
2.AFCD Annual Meeting | Ft. Walton Beach | September 9-11,2020

VII. Adjournment at 1:45pm