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Feral Swine Management Program

Program Objective

The Okeechobee Soil and Water Conservation District (OSWCD) Board of Supervisors approved funding for a
Feral Swine Management program. Feral swine are known to carry diseases and pests, as well as causing a
great deal of damage to land. Reduction of the feral swine population in Okeechobee would improve soil and
water conditions and agricultural production.

The objective is to assist Okeechobee landowners in purchasing equipment/products necessary to manage
feral swine to be captured, euthanatized, and properly disposed of. Assistance is also available for Penergetic
Solutions wildlife deterrent.

OSWCD Mission

The Okeechobee Soil and Water Conservation District mission is to provide services for soil and water
conservation, proper utilization of natural resources, and to promote the continued use of land for agricultural
purposes. The Board of Supervisors has identified a need for feral swine management within the Lake
Okeechobee watershed.

Program Overview

Landowners may apply to cost-share on a trap on a one-time basis. Cost share will be provided up to $1750
per trap.
• For property less than 200 acres, 1 trap is eligible.
• For property greater than 200 acres, up to 3 traps are eligible.
While OSWCD does not endorse any company, the following are well-known and approved: Boar Buster, Pig
Brig, Jager Pro, Hogeye, Game Changer, and Hogg Boss. A landowner may also build a trap, but the trap must
follow UF/IFAS Extension plans/guidelines as described in publication WEC395, available online or from the
OSWCD office.
A one-time cost share is also available for 50% of the cost of 2 containers of Penergetic Solutions wildlife
deterrent, up to $700.

Program Eligibility

This cost-share program is available to landowners of Okeechobee County property who apply and provide
proof of land control and photographic feral swine damage to their property.

Cost-share recipients agree to follow FDACS (Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services)
guidelines regarding disposal of harvested swine and may not sell or relocate swine to other areas.

Application Development Costs

Neither the District nor its representatives shall be liable for any expenses incurred through the preparation,
submission, or presentation of the funding Application.

The following is provided as guidance for applicants. The District Board will determine the priorities, the
amount of funds to allocate, and the maximum cost-share made available for proposed trap and/or deterrent
purchases. Applicants that do not include all the required documentation as outlined may be deemed
ineligible. Applicants will deliver or mail written proposals to:

Okeechobee Soil and Water Conservation District, 452 US Highway 98 North, Okeechobee, FL 34972.
Applicants should include contact information, property location, trap and/or Penergetic Solution cost, and
photos of damage caused by feral swine.

Non-Allowable Costs for Feral Swine Control Include:
• Corn or any other feed used to bait traps
• Installation and/or set-up costs of traps or solution
• Costs related to harvesting and/or disposal of carcasses
• Any costs outside of the trap or deterrent purchase cost (i.e.: shipping/handling)

“Applicant” – All individuals submitting an application to seek funding from the District Board pursuant to this
Feral Swine Management Program.

“Application” – The written document from an applicant seeking funding from the District Board pursuant to
this cost share program.

“Approved Funding” – The allocation of monies to an Applicant based on estimated costs as presented in the

“District Board” – The Okeechobee Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors.

“Funding or Actual Funding” – An allotment of monies disbursed toward the payment based on percentage or
actual costs incurred by Applicant.

“Ineligible” – A determination by the District Board that the Application does not comply with the material
requirements of this cost share program.

“Participant” –The recipient and end user of the swine trap. May or may not be the same as the Applicant.
“Recipient” – The Applicant that has been awarded funding in support of a trap and/or deterrent purchase.

Feral Swine Management Application 04.2024.pdf

Factsheet_UF IFAS_Trapping Wilding Pigs_UW440.pdf

Factsheet_FWC_Nonnative Species_ Wild Hogs.pdf