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Educator Grants

Educator grants are available to Okeechobee County teachers/volunteers for projects that demonstrate agriculture or environmental conservation.

Statement of Intent
OSWCD Educator Grant program strives to fund projects that teach Okeechobee school children about the importance of natural resources and its interaction with agriculture.

o All proposals must be mailed or hand delivered to the OSWCD office (452 US Hwy 98 N).
o Applications for the Educator Grant are accepted throughout the year. However, specific cut off dates are set quarterly to allow for selection. The following are cut off dates:
o March 30
o June 30
o September 30
o December 31

Eligible Applicants
Certified Florida public or private teachers, home educators, or volunteer educators engaged in instruction of natural resource and conservation concerns or sustainable agriculture concepts in grades K- 12.

Grant Requirements
o Natural resources/conservation concepts must be included in project.
o Students must be directly involved.
o A final report about the project must be completed after project completion and
emailed to OSWCD no later than 30 days after completion date.
o A detailed budget with estimated expenses listed in a spreadsheet or table format must be included in the application.
o Grant money cannot be used for consumables unless the food items are an integral part of the lesson plan and the end product.
o Failure to comply with these reporting requirements will result in the automatic removal of the educator from consideration for future grant requests.

Funding Guidelines
o Transportation will only be considered in situations where a justifiable need is demonstrated in the application.
o Grant checks not cashed within 60 days after receipt will become null and void.
o Grant checks will be made payable to the school, not to an individual unless applicant is a home educator.
o Half of the grant money is paid up front and the other half is paid when project is complete. Under certain circumstances, other arrangements can be arranged.

Educator Grant Application 2024.pdf